Dario Carratta

Dario Carratta (Gallipoli, 1988). Graduated from the Academy of Fine
Arts of Rome, he uses painting to transfer on canvas dystopian and
perturbing visions of characters on the edge between the concreteness of reality and the evanescence of dream. Among his main exhibition projects:  Biennale Of Venice Theater- Klub Taiga- Industria indipendente (2020) Spazio Mensa -Rome (2020) – Angry Boys – Det Ny Kastet Museum – Thisted (Denmark, 2018) – Straperetana – (Pereto, 2017) , Sniff my leather jacket (GalleriaRichter fineart, 2017), Artist in residence Italian ambassador residence -Villa Firenze – (Washington DC 2017 ), Creart – Collection in Progress (Museum dei Teatini – Lecce 2016), Early Adopter- Allegra Nomad Gallery-(Bucharest 2015), – The Grass Grows, riehenestrasse 74- (Basel 2014), Petty Tehft- Launch F18 Gallery- (New York 2015).
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