Brian Sillman

My works explore the potential for multiple—often conflicting—narratives to coexist within one constructed space. I occupy these spaces, which are more often than not paintings, with coded representations of a figurative nature; recognizably derived from life, yet persistently indeterminate.

I plan and execute projects in serial format, applying a unique, fixed set of predetermined constraints with each subsequent series. This allows for the themes and formal concerns inherent in my practice to find new permutations, and to strike an essential balance between conceptual exploration, limitation, and renewal.

I actively avoid asserting fixity of meaning, preferring instead to create systems within which potential textual readings overlap and resonate. I intend for my work to be completed by the viewer, for them to find within it (and bring to it) all that they might need to come to their own varied conclusions, independent of what the work might mean to me personally. I aim to provide for the viewer while retaining for myself that which is mine—creating to serve both author and audience equally, albeit differently.

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