MichaelAngelo Rodriguez

Precautionary languages preserve the integrity of identity. Aerosol markings on the pavement are a precautionary language that communicates a need to protect. A photograph showing placement of markings on the pavement may imply that construction has already happened, is in progress, or will happen. We cannot be sure. For us, the markings just are. The markings are different colors, lengths, and shapes. Perhaps we may encounter them walking on the sidewalk or see them on the pavement while crossing the street. These markings are intended for a specific audience but illustrate the purpose of precautionary language. Literacy of this language preserves the integrity of what is represented. Recognizing this form of language, through photography, is a catalyst to understanding the communication of precaution. 

MichaelAngelo Rodriguez (b.1991 Meadowbrook, PA) is a 2018 BFA Fine Art Photography graduate from The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University. He received an A.A Degree from Tidewater Community College in Photography in 2016. His photography employs strategies of time and light to express retrospection and displacement prompted by the catalyst of familial geographic separation. In 2017 he was invited by Mel Chin to be a studio assistant intern during the preparation for his 2018 show All Over the Place at the Queens Museum, Queens, NY. He has participated in regional group shows in venues such as Push Gallery in Asheville, NC and The George Washington University’s Gallery 102. Formerly a resident of Norfolk, VA, he currently lives in the DMV.


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