MichaelAngelo Rodriguez

English is not the only language spoken at home for Rodriguez. Spanish is primarily the language he uses to communicate with family. Being bilingual provides space for development, reaction, and determinations to ideas through structured movements. Moving him along, progressing toward a new perspective in community motivated by
gathered knowledge and understanding.
Rodriguez in his practice, working with the photographic medium, searches for inspiration. For this ongoing series Seeing an Knowing he is influenced by a stream of thought, thinking patterns, and rhythms pursued by his rooted fundamental understanding of his culture. These influences bring him to the place in the world in front of a photographic image to capture.
Knowledge of stereotypes is a visual conditioned belief that people establish through their life experience. Studying his own behaviors and those of others in his life compel him to capture a story about himself. He believes that being bilingual creates an advantage beneficial for him. Achieved by being patient to recognize stereotypes people may use against others perhaps as a strategy of manipulation. The photographs in this series, quiet and pensive, represent the intersection of seeing and knowing. Too, a reflection Rodriguez understands as the cause of the disruption to his person in society.

MichaelAngelo Rodriguez (b.1991 Meadowbrook, PA) is a 2018 BFA Fine Art Photography graduate from The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University. His photography employs strategies of time and light to express retrospection and displacement prompted by the catalyst of familial geographic separation. In 2021 presented his first solo show at Transformer Gallery in Washington, DC. He has participated in regional group shows in venues such as Push Gallery in Asheville, NC, and The George Washington University’s Gallery 102.

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