Ding Ren

Ding Ren was born in China, grew up in the United States and is currently based in Amsterdam (NL). Through a cross-cultural, field driven approach, her analogue photography seeks to draw viewer's attention to the subtle details of spaces they already inhabit. By highlighting these delicate urban details, her photography tells an alternate, often overlooked story and shifts attention away from the normalized narrative. She received her MFA from George Washington University, was previously the Program Director at Washington Projects for the Arts, a Provisions Library Research Fellow, and Transformer E6:In Situ participant. Her work has been exhibited throughout the DC-Baltimore area at 39th Street Gallery, Area 405, Arlington Arts Center, Hillyer Art Space, Katzen Arts Center, Maryland Art Place, MICA, and Transformer, amongst others. Ren has exhibited her work abroad in Canada, China, the Netherlands, Germany, the Philippines, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Poland and the UK. Her work has been published in Facing Forward: Art & Theory from a Future Perspective (University of Chicago Press), acquired by the He XiangNing Art Museum (Shenzhen, CN) for their permanent collection and screened at the EYE Film Museum (Amsterdam, NL). Her photography has been featured in various online and print platforms focused on contemporary photography such as If You Leave, Booooooom, Velvet Eyes, Underdogs, C41, Stolen Ground, the405, Diet Cola Zine,  Papersafe, and Perjus Magazine amongst others.


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