Mahsa R. Fard

Mahsa R. Fard often paints man-made large scale structures such as cities, stadiums, and apparatuses. She tends to create a new association by introducing unusual color and spatial relationships. Growing up in Iran, she has always been conscious of the dominance of rigid patriarchal gaze both in the public and private sphere. 

Accessing public and private domains as a female requires subversive strategies. Her imagery reflects a woman’s forced duplicitous roles in these domains. Mahsa contemplates and practices these strategies in her painting and writing through metaphors of censorship, sarcasm, camouflage, cover, and disguise. 

Mahsa has recently graduated from LeRoy E. Hoffberger School of Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. 

In her new series of drawings her work depicts figures in hijab, both as complete forms and sculptural busts. Fard sources aged paper from a variety of places from family sketch pads to stationary merchants throughout Tehran. These papers serve simultaneously the foundation on which her figurative works are drawn and the occultation between these figures and the viewing public.
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