Maps Glover

My work stands as a portal between the past and the future the forms and shapes are familiar but there is always something beneath the surface. even The creation of "Maps Glover" its selfie is an experiment in projecting a surrogate being into virtual space. I want my work to be inviting, I want it to pull you in closer and peel back the layers of judgment. My work exposes the beauty of Black esthetics the textures the forms and sounds that speak to my ancestral connection. I use this connection as fule as a guide as a map back to where we came from. My work is a conversation of value what will humanity bring with us before we evolve and what will be left behind

Maps Glover is a conceptual artist with a desire to create and tell new stories through an Afrofuturist lens. These stories weave together the past and the present projecting visions of blackness into the infinite future.


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