Andres Izquierdo

Colombian-American visual artist and cinematographer, Zurdo, portrays quasi-human figurations as stylized apparitions in color-saturated canvases. His portraits exist in a realm beyond reality, sometimes based in historic and contemporary characters, other times transcending the boundaries of specific individuals. Drawing inspiration from indigenous masks, Colombian folklore, and classic portraiture, Zurdo’s surreal exploration places these figures in dreamlike cinematic scenes. Through close-up shots, he searches for unconventional portraits that hint at our expansion, dreams, or essence, deliberately avoiding strict realism. Approaching painting with a cinematographer’s mindset, Zurdo’s research focuses on capturing the mood, lighting, and its impact on his subjects. Themes of expansion, openness, and grace permeate his large-scale oil and watercolor paintings. He studied filmmaking in New York and Buenos Aires, and currently, he is pursuing his MFA in Studio Arts at American University in Washington D.C.
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