Victor Koroma

My process is similar to computer hacking. I alter and modify the software  and hardware of conventional photography in order to reprogram the medium with new  directives. A mixed media synthesis utilizing elements of paintings, illustrations, and  sculpture. 

Photography has a history of being isolated and undervalued from other mediums in  the canon of art history, my aim is continue to bridge this hierarchical gap by forming a symbiotic relationship with traditional mediums.  

Though the technology of photography still continues to exponentially grow from its  practical birth year of 1839, its formulations and how it physically exists within gallery  spaces hasn’t experienced the same level of evolution.  

Morphing and propelling the medium to a point where you question what is even  considered a photograph anymore is my objective.  

A first place fine art winner in PDN’s 2017 Objects of Desire contest. A 2016 Print  Magazine “New Visual Artists” ( 15 under 30 ) award winner. I currently live and work out of Los Angeles. Born in Freetown Sierra Leone but, grew up in Alexandria Virginia. 


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