Hannah Spector

My practice combines video, performance, printmaking, and installation to understand the body as an alternate archive. I use the imagistic capacity of poetry to form unexpected connections between image, action, and text. With language as a malleable tool, I create what scholar Kara Keeling calls, “future poetry.” This kind of poetics is interested in the disruption of existing structures of communication in order to project a new future. Rooted in the disruption of gender norms, power systems within language, and limiting means of self-expression, future poetry guides my techniques and pushes against a linear interpretation of time.

Hannah Spector is an interdisciplinary visual artist and poet working out of Austin, TX. Spector thinks of language as a solid object—a concrete and spatial expression that can overturn limiting perceptions of the everyday. Spector has exhibited work at The San Antonio Museum of Art, Blue Star Contemporary (SATX), Mass Gallery (ATX), The Visual Arts Center (ATX), Colab Projects (ATX), Transformer Gallery (DC), and Pyramid Atlantic (DC). They received their MFA from UT Austin and currently hold a Lecturer position at Texas State University and UT Austin. They also work as a community printmaking instructor at Flatbed Press.


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