Kate MacDonnell

Kate MacDonnell finds meaning and connection in the deliberate, receptive process of looking. She collects traces of ineffable moments through photography, reminding viewers to take time, to look more closely, and to step toward the disquieting unknown. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with shows in Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles. Her museum exhibitions include the Corcoran Gallery and the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington, DC. Her work has been published in The Photo Review and Photography Quarterly. She was interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition for her work in the collaborative project www.sametime715.com. She has been a visiting artist and guest lecturer to colleges and universities including George Washington University and Virginia Commonwealth University.


About All Blues: 

"Water is in a constant cycle of rebirth. It is a symbol of consciousness or the depths that lie under consciousness. As a meditator and meditation instructor, I often use the analogy of weather to convey the impermanence of physical, mental, and emotional states. The beginning of the pandemic provided the opportunity to enact with a camera what I knew from meditation: be still and look, observe without narrative, continue examining, and stay with what surfaces -whether it be dramatic or monotonous, comforting or scary, joyful or painful. This work was born of circumstance and is sincere in its hopefulness and aspiration through often troubled skies and dubious weather. I was looking homeward." – Kate MacDonnell

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