"boys will cry"
even though for a long time I really didn’t want to. it burned to be vulnerable on a Tuesday morning and felt weird to be anything but okay. I told myself to be the head of the household. standing firmly as the typical black male. though…. I feel everything.
as a fine artist, I visualize and cultivate stories of wonder and chaos through layered color, breathy line-work and distinctive illustrations. inspired by all the words I couldn’t say, anything that made me feel less that what I thought I was worth. a black man looking for his moment to cry, cracking the generational wall of trauma. the key I wanted to make me whole. I use my abstracts to dramatize everyday feelings as the stories dance over the line of reality. the fine freedom of emotion.

Born in Queens, NY in 1998, Bhare is a first-generation Barbadian American abstract artist. Multidisciplinary in his mediums, his main focus is in working with acrylic & oil pastels on canvas. More commonly utilizing a wet-on-dry technique to layer colors and minimal illustrations, creating a lawless yet simple abstract style.
Bhare’s work plays on the simple scenes in his everyday life. Romanticizing the ordinary while downplaying the feelings and emotions that make him up as an artist and a person. Positioning himself in art history as a selfish painter, creating works that don’t speak to political or social issues. They speak on what happens outside the noise of the world, constantly living in own’s headspace. Pulling influence from painters like Danny Fox or Claude Monet, Bhare pairs breathy line-work, pastels and illustrations to create.
As a first generation American, Bhare tests the boundary of what is to have the American dream. Where to him it could be something as simple as a roof over the head and good plate of food. Every piece is meant to be turned and hung in different ways to gain new insight and impressions on the work as a whole.

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