Jenny Walton

How does one move through a day?

In the Space of a Day (the title piece of the series) plays with the representation of clouds as they illuminate and fade in the sky within a single day. The drawings, in both silver point and graphite, serve as metaphor and invite the viewer to contemplate spaces that depict inner and external turmoil.

Because our movements and moods are always shaped by our environment, (objects around us, time, light, and our general perception of reality), we are engaged, willingly or not, in a constant back and forth with Nature that keeps pushing back as we find, or more exactly elbow our way for, our place in the world.

In the Space of a Day, as a series, is an exercise in contemplation. It asks everyone to let go, not of the pressure they feel from their environment, but of the pressure they exert on it. It is a mindful way to take in a moment of absolute balance between oneself and the world. It is a meditative experience: a call for peace. 

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