Eve White

Eve White uses photography to conjure the surreal aspects of interconnections between people and places. Her work often springs from her embodied experiences, using objects such as dolls and architectural plexiglass sculptures as surrogates for her own body and perspective. White's visual and spatial pieces evoke reflection, providing opportunities for the aesthetic to aid in imagining reality otherwise, without the tyranny of easy answers.

Eve White’s photographs and installations have appeared in the Latela Curatorial x Artsy: Women in the Arts Online Exhibition, the By the People x Monochrome Collective  Virtual Art Fair (Presented by Halcyon), and at the Hole in the Sky Collective in Washington, DC, and the Anderson Gallery at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)  in Richmond, Virginia. White has also taught Mark Making, Imaging, and other guest  workshops at VCU, where she received her MFA. In October 2021, White had a solo  show at Northwest Missouri State’s Olive DeLuce Gallery.

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