Lisa Bukreyeva

Lisa Bukreyeva is a documentary photographer based in Kyiv whose work explores Ukrainian life and youth culture. I was born in 1993 and am based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and I started photography in 2019. When I was a kid, I’ve dreaming of a superpower, I just wanted take pictures when I blinking. That way, everything I’m seeing in that moment would be in a picture. I never had this superpower, so I bought camera instead.
I mostly shoot street and documentary photography. Important to me to establish a connection between people and the environment in which we are. And if, in the end, a photo like this reflects the time which author lives, and the mood, then it’s especially valuable to me. The thing that inspires me in street photography, is that you never know what to expect. What people you meet and where you’ll be tonight. I think a good street photo is the one you want to consider it. Such a photograph often tells not only about the visible, but also about the author.
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