Artise Fletcher

"Many women don't feel beautiful unless they have a great amount of hair. Due to society's toxic obsession with appearance, it's challenging for us women to embrace who we are, without enhancements. I believe we put too much value on our hair. Who are we as women without it? It's Just Hair emphasizes the idea of hair as an accessory and not a necessity. Women bend over backwards to meet society's expectations. Reassuring women that they're beautiful as they are is my mission. With this series I plan to challenge your reality and social norms of beauty. I think we as women are so comfortable with conforming to society's beauty standards that we are uncomfortable with our true selves. I hope to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zone and live their truth. In the first set of photos from 'Its Just Hair' it is a series of women wearing hair as a piece of clothing instead of on their head. Since the American culture fetishizes hair(weave), I objectified it. The women are photographed standing in strong poses with little to no makeup. It's the rise of embracing individuality. It's no big deal. It's Just Hair."

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