Matt Hollis: SIGHT

Here is a sneak peek of seeping triangle - Matt Hollis’ digital love letter to the philosophical ideas and thinkers that have extended his artistic intentions in all directions, created for Evoking the Senses.

A sexy, awkward, fumbling flirtation with French philosophy; detours through new materialism; and the messy ecstasy of undoing all spill across the pages of this barely-held-together collection of ideas and imagery.

You can view the full digital zine here:

Matt Hollis is an artist based in Los Angeles. He has shown his work extensively in the DC metro area and in L.A. Matt was part of Transformer’s 2015 International Sister Cities Program in Paris, the 2013 Expansions exhibition, and a featured artist in numerous Transformer Annual Auction events. He recently earned his MFA at Otis College of Art & Design, graduating with an Academic Excellence award in 2019.

See his FlatFile portfolio of work here

Images all courtesy of Matt Hollis