Matt Hollis

Matt Hollis creates abstract-organic soft sculpture, photography, mixed media, and large scale installations in bright colors, faux flowers, and appealing textures. He has shown work and created installations in several DC galleries, participated in numerous Artomatics, and even explored stage & costume design. He lives and works in his fantastical jungle of a studio in the historic 52 O Street Studios in Washington DC. He earned a BA in Studio Art from Mary’s College of Maryland in 2003 and will be featured in the Transformer’s Expansions exhibition in March/April 2013.

Matt Hollis states, “my work evokes a heightened reality where organic shapes and saturated colors combine to stimulate the senses, where the everyday is exaggerated until it becomes otherworldly. A place where nature reigns supreme, looming larger than life and causing the viewer adopt an inferior position beneath it.” For his installation in Transformer’s Expansions exhibition, Matt would like to suggest that flowers may have come from outer space, and they may have used humanity to find a way back to Earth. Likewise in his Flat File series of hyper-nature collages, flowers, grass, earth, & stone are reworked and combined to create otherworldly compositions that take the power of nature to the next level. The flowers and leaves take on a sacred status as they pour down from floating islands or wrap around the human form. By placing natural elements in new scenarios Matt intends to capture and heighten the inherent power nature has over us.

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