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transformer20: THE BOOK

The 2nd printing of Transformer's retrospective book catalogs 20 years of emerging artists, experimental exhibitions, and collaborative programming.

Transformer’s first retrospective book, transformer20, delves into the rich history and impact of Transformer as a leading non-profit visual arts organization based in Washington, DC, with notable national and international reach.

Serving as a love letter to the organization and our community of artists and collaborators, this book presents a visual timeline chronicling Transformer’s 20 years of exhibitions and programs, showcasing the incredible stories of emerging artists and key supporters.

Featuring expansive documentation, ephemera, and press presented alongside personal and first-hand conversations between artists and writings by leaders in the visual arts field, transformer20 invites readers to intimately explore the influential experiences, challenges, and triumphs of those who have been touched by Transformer, its space, its leadership, and it's continually growing network.

HOLLY BASS, artist; BLAKE GOPNIK, Contributing Critic at The New York Times and author of Warhol, A Comprehensive Biography of the Pop Artist; GEORGIE PAYNE, independent curator & former Transformer Exhibitions & Programs Manager; VICTORIA REIS, Transformer Founder & Executive/Artistic Director; and JOSÉ RUIZ, artist & Director of the Curatorial Practice MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

JAMES ALEFANTIS, Transformer Board President; AMY HUGHES BRADEN, Artist & Transformer staff alumni; BRECK BRUNSON, Artist; JESSICA CEBRA, Artist; JOHN CHAICH, Curator, Designer, & Writer, Curator of Queer Threads; CYNTHIA CONNOLLY, Artist; HOESY CORONA, Artist; REX DELAFKARAN, Artist & Transformer staff alumni; MIA FEUER, Artist; MAPS GLOVER, Artist; JULIA HOLLADAY, Curator & Transformer staff alumni; CHANDI KELLEY, Artist; NILAY LAWSON, Artist; MARISSA LONG, Artist & Transformer staff alumni; JENNIFER WEN MA, Artist & Transformer Advisory Council Member; JAYME MCLELLAN, Artist & Transformer co-founder; SVETLANNA MINTCHEVA, Consultant & Former National Coalition Against Censorship’s Director of Programs; JOSEPH ORZAL, Artist & Director of NoMüNoMü; CELENE RYAN, Curator & Arts Administrator; CARL F.K. PAO, Artist & Educator; SOLOMON SANCHEZ, Artist; FARRAH SKEIKY, Artist; ZACH STORM, Artist; MARTHA WILSON, Artist & Transformer Advisory Council Member; NAOCO WOWSUGI, Artist.

Produced by Transformer
Printed by Bookmobile
ISBN: 979-8-218-20169-2
Publish Date: June 2023
Size: 10 x 7”
Pages: 484
Type: softcover

Image on book cover and tote bag by Amanda Kleinman for Transformers exhibition, 2004.

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