Mei Mei Chang

Mei Mei received her Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Ohio University in 2002. As a mixed media and installation artist, Mei Mei explores various media to bridge her internal and external worlds. She is a lifelong student of the human psyche, fascinated by the mind’s ability to focus on details great and small without limits. Using her internal symbols, she creates rich visual images that are both highly personal and accessible by all.

Throughout Mei Mei's work, she translates the topographical maps of the mind onto multilayered and patterned surfaces. Studying visual art and photography at Ohio University, and working at various locations and in diverse contexts across the US has led to her personal internal landscape’s taking on its own appearances, colors, attractions, and distractions, all of which have culminated in the work that she does today. Among the many symbols of her mind is the awareness of similarities and differences between Eastern and Western cultures. 

Mei Mei has received numerous awards and residencies, including at the Vermont Studio Center, Great River Art Association, the ARCH Residency at Honfleur Gallery, the Montgomery College Artist Residency, and second place in the Contemporary South Exhibition. 

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