Hill Prince X Transformer

Transformer is excited to partner with Hill Prince in presenting an exhibition of works curated from the Transformer FlatFile program, with additional works by emerging DC-area artists.

Learn more about Hill Prince X Transformer events here! 
Artists include: Eames Armstrong, Margaret Bakke, Amy Boone-McCreesh, Tacy Bradbury, Jessica Cebra, Artise Fletcher, David R. Ibata, Rose Jaffe, Christopher Kardambikis, Joseph Orzal, Ding Ren, MichaelAngelo Rodriguez, Johab Silva, Farrah Skeiky, Hannah Spector, & many, many more!

Please note that this is a framed piece, currently on display at Hill Prince as part of Hill Prince X Transformer. The work will be on view through July 12, 2019 after which time it will be shipped directly to the buyer.  
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