Ayana Zaire Cotton

Ayana Zaire Cotton is a transdisciplinary artist, designer, technologist, and educator, visualizing and collectively crafting a post-work future. Her practice is rooted in black feminist, pedagogy, mutual aid, open source philosophy, labor, and black aesthetics research. This research has manifested in her work via independent publishing, virtually teaching software engineering to students worldwide, and an experimental clothing line as a platform for researching labor studies and aesthetics. As an artist, designer, and software engineer Ayana feels “educator” is a title that most resonates with the full possibilities of her mediums, goals, and practice.

Seeda Syllabus is a fill-in-the-blank syllabus as an unlearning framework designed as a "workbook" featuring guiding quotes and questions by Audre Lorde. The syllabus helps participants organize and share what they're currently reading and thinking, with the intention of making unlearning and engaging our radical imagination a public, social activity.

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