Ariel Hernandez

Born in Miami and raised in a Dominican household, I grew up in a family of craftsman and artists -- Carpenters, mechanics, hair stylists -- and found my trade in painting. Dios me pinto en Miami (God painted me in Miami), but my own painting career was born in the DMV; I came back to Maryland for the first time since I was raised there to train as a studio artist, and after a five-year journey of trial and transformation, my practice has found a rhythm in my day-to-day life that isn't quite at the point where it's a reflex -- more like good company.
I speak about my own feelings as a Miami soul through my paintings; freshness, energy, temperature. I believe in affordable original art and the true, experiential value of the painting act, as opposed to putting value in the final, physical object. I price my work uniformly, as to say I cannot value any one experience of a painting over the other.
Most, if not all, of these Flatfile paintings were completed in the first two years of the pandemic lockdown and I consider them all to be one project.

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