Amy Hughes Braden

Trained at Corcoran College of Art & Design, Amy Hughes Braden makes work in the two dimensional realm, primarily in acrylic paintings, graphite drawings and collage. Her work has been exhibited at Corcoran Gallery of Art, Artisphere, The Athenaeum, Hillyer Art Space, DC Arts Center and in various DIY exhibits in the DC area. She is a member of the art subscription service, Project Dispatch as well as the artist’s collective Sparkplug, a facet of DC Arts Center.

Three major themes permeate Braden’s primarily two-dimensional work: Interpersonal relationships, the combination of pop culture and copyright issues, and documenting the stream of consciousness. She frequently uses portraiture and figure-based imagery as a vehicle to discuss these themes. Her small collages are created from reserves of paper: magazine cut-outs, photos, photocopies, doodles by other artists, coupons, old books, stickers, miscellaneous scraps that have been previously collected over the years.

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