Amy Boone-McCreesh

The signifiers of status and class present themselves culturally in overt and nuanced ways. Decoration is subversive, even polarizing. It quickly identifies taste, class, and access. Through an abstracted and materialistic visual vocabulary, Boone-McCreesh questions the optics of classist structures, while tantalizing with maximalist aesthetics. Highly saturated colors and a rich variety of textures create an initial attraction, while at the same time challenging assumptions of “good” taste. Cross-cultural ideas of beauty and perception of class are present, with objects of beauty often acting as determiners of worth. A decorative approach is partnered with detailed and hand-driven processes often associated with craft. The utilization of technology and digital components are combined with the handmade processes to create a direct shift in value and labor. These decisions aim to mimic the seemingly arbitrary lines that are drawn in cultural markers of luxury, mass production, and the defining features of access.

Amy Boone-McCreesh is based in Baltimore, MD with interests in the connections between aesthetic leanings within economic and cultural status. She has a heightened visual awareness of the ways people and spaces flaunt class, taste, and access. Amy received her BFA from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design and MFA from Towson University in Maryland, and shortly thereafter was awarded a two-year Hamiltonian Artist Fellowship in Washington, DC. paper. In
addition to her own studio practice, Amy has a committed relationship to visual arts education, running the studio visit series INERTIA , and is currently adjunct faculty at Maryland Institute College of Art.

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