Victor Koroma: SIGHT

Victor Koroma : SIGHT 

We're kicking off the online programming for our new exhibition, Evoking the Senses.

Watch as FlatFile artist Victor Koroma plays around with his fictitious scenes before finding the perfect combination of light, contrast, and narrative. 

Victor is a photographer and visual artist born in Sierra Leone, raised in Alexandria, VA and currently living and working in Los Angeles. Victor's mission is to find new ways to construct and reconstruct what a photograph is. He considers his process similar to computer hacking; altering the software and hardware of conventional photography in order to reprogram the medium with new directives. A mixed media synthesis. He uses elements of painting, illustrations, and sculpture as a way of making an image rather than taking a traditional photograph. His objective is to morph the medium to the point where audiences question what is considered a photograph anymore.

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See Victor’s video artwork presented by Transformer at The Asbury Hotel here.

📺 Tune in with @transformerdc Wednesdays & Saturdays for Evoking the Senses programs with FlatFile artists, collectors, and special guest collaborators.

Title: Behind the Scenes Victor Koroma
Year: 2020
Duration: 2:13
Medium: Video
Credits: Editing: Victor Koroma Cinematography: Victor Koroma
Song: 1234 by Victor K.