Muse Dodd: SIGHT

An Afro-Futurist Film Reader Part II: Climate Consciousness Part II, by Muse Dodd

"When I think about the future I am often overwhelmed by thoughts of what will be left for us, especially for Black folks where racially charged violence is killing us faster than climate change," states Dodd. "However when it comes to climate justice Black and Brown people are on the frontlines, and unfortunately the people who benefit most from industrialization and Big industry are the least likely to feel the effects of it. In the following selection of films, I find threads that are imagining not only the results of the landscape that colonization has left for us but also how it is oftentimes Black women and femmes who save the day."

Short Films
Pumzi, Directed by Wanuri Kahiu
Afronauts, Directed by Nuotama Bodomo
Suicide by Sunlight, Directed by Nikyatu Jusu
Swimming in your Skin Again, Directed by Terence Nance

Music Videos
No Mas - Irreversible Entanglements, Shot & Directed by Imani Dennison, Edited by Muse Dodd
Black Gold, Directed by Muse Dodd, Director of Photography Kalyn Jacobs

TV Episodes
Random Acts of Flyness: Water Soon Came, Directed by Terence Nance

Feature Length
The Burial of Kojo, Directed by Blitz the Ambassador 
Lamb, Directed by Yared Zeleke

Muse Dodd (they/them), is a multidisciplinary artist, curator, and DJ from Severn, MD currently based in New Orleans. Through the act of remembering, Dodd uses their body to map the lived experience of Africans in America. Dodd channels trauma to connect with, process and alchemize pain; both personal and collective through movement, ritual and collective dreaming. 

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Featured image credit: Muse Dodd, Washed Away, 2020, Digital Collage on archival rice paper, 13"x19"