Katana Lippart: TOUCH

Katana Lippart: TOUCH

For the close of our Evoking the Senses programming series, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to shift from the virtual → IRL with our last program, Stamped By Memory (A Collective Experience) by Katana Lippart!

Lippart's practice explores concepts relating to identity, memory, and the value imbued on objects that individuals collect. For this project, Lippart has created a series of postcards from her personal curio, each of which visually suggests how the sense of touch can tangibly bring back a connection to place.

Included with the postcards is an instructional prompt, instructing recipients to document and further send to their networks. Lippart hopes this collaborative art project will link the recipients of the postcards back to their senders with a greater understanding of each other, and to create a collaborative, collective experience of touch.

Participants will receive 3 postcards with an instructional prompt, asking participants to document using the hashtag #stampedbymemory, and to then send onto others.

This program is free, and required registration to participate - register here! Space is limited to the first 100 registrants.

Katana Lippart is a collage artist and printmaker, who joined Transformer’s FlatFile program in December 2020. Her practice is rooted in finding, creating, and revealing identity through place. She currently resides in Frederick, MD, where this concept continues to flourish. Lippart holds a BFA in Art and Visual Technology with a concentration in Printmaking from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. She has participated in a number of juried shows, artist book and zine fairs. Lippart is currently involved in The Collage Garden, an international collage collective.

Shop Katana's FlatFile artworks here.