Jessica Cebra + Zach Storm: SIGHT, SOUND, TOUCH

Jessica Cebra + Zach Storm: SIGHT, SOUND, TOUCH

11 years ago today, FlatFile artists Jessica Cebra and Zach Storm collaborative exhibition, Snow Globe opened at Transformer. Converting Transformer’s storefront project space into a life-size, interactive, winter wonderland, the exhibition became a diorama-like theater that audiences were invited to experience from both inside and outside.

Cebra and Storm playfully incorporated painting, drawing, mixed media collage, and sculptural elements to create a winter-themed installation (the globe), with dancers from The Washington Ballet (the snow), performing a series of new pieces choreographed by the then-Artistic Director Septime Webre.

Cebra and Storm have come together to collaborate again for the Evoking the Senses programming. Listen to their conversation about the writings of Don DeLillo, experience mediated by digital technologies, non-digital existence, energy and sensation, accompanied by a pandemonium of parrots!

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Video courtesy of Cebra & Storm, 2020.