Chandi Kelley + Marissa Long: SIGHT, SOUND, TOUCH, TASTE, SMELL

Artists Chandi Kelley and Marissa Long have been thinking about the displacement and re-shuffling of meaning the last year has brought. Without subscribing to religious or more secular “not-religious-but-spiritual” practices, they have found themselves drawn to imagery surrounding ritual, ceremony, history and the mysterious potential of transformation in our own work. 

On the anniversary of their collaborative exhibition LUMINIFEROUS AETHER, presented at Transformer Feb-March in 2017, Kelley and Long invite you to think about how we create meaning and mark time and intention. How do we use physical objects to aid in our processing of experience as physical and emotional animals? Is the idea of ritual meaningful to you? What ritual could you construct to honor, cleanse, protect, defy? 

View Kelley and Long’s ritual starter kit here, which features a collection of images that contain ingredients with the potential to “evoke” each of the senses – with the evocation at the sole discretion of the viewer and potential participant. Results may vary.


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Images all courtesy of Chandi Kelley and Marissa Long.