Carolina Mayorga: TOUCH AS SOUND

Carolina Mayorga: TOUCH AS SOUND

Listen to “Gabo,” a sound interpretation created by Carolina Mayorga, in her experimentation with frottage, a Surrealist technique of creating “automatic” works. “Gabo” is part of Carolina’s ongoing series, Pink Automatism, which includes hundreds of improvised artworks.

Carolina transforms surfaces and words to reach the subconscious, turning textures and touch into blended sounds.

Carolina Mayorga is a Colombian-born and naturalized American interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for the last 20 years. Mayorga’s artwork addresses issues of social and political content. Comments on migration, war, identity, translate into video, performance, site-specific installations, and 2-D works.

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Video credit: Carolina Mayorga, “Gabo,” 2020, video and sound, duration: 2 min 4 sec.