Aristeidis Lappas

Mythological and historical references create a narration that bestows a spiritual dimension to Aristeidis Lappas’ work. Binary definitions break down uniting into a primal understanding of existence where meagre segregations give way to the totality of the human experience. Form is a vehicle for meaning. It is treated as a narration tool or a representational element that creates a character. At the same time, it’s used as a building block where information can be inserted as colour, texture or pattern. Thus, a painting can be both a figurative and an abstract composition. Having established an aesthetic language following his previous work with urbanity, as well as symbols of the Greek identity, Lappas now aims to construct a poetic narrative focusing on more esoteric subjects. Rather than following a linear avenue of thought, the work presents a space where different interpretations reconstruct new meanings and draw new connections. Through the use of form, multi- layered compositions as well as colour pallets, the artist continues his exploration of the language of painting.

Aristeidis Lappas (b. Athens, 1993) lives and works in Athens. He studied for a BA in the University of West England, Bristol, UK, during which time he did an exchange program with Academia De Belle Art, Bologna, Italy. His work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions like: Body Thoughts, The Breeder, Athens (2021); Tenderness of a Cutting Sword, The Breeder, Athens, (2020, solo); Theorimata 2, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (2020, group); Polymorphic Entrancing Topos, P.E.T Projects, Athens (2019, solo); Part II, The Breeder, Athens (2019, group); Break Time Contemplations, Transformer, Washington D.C. (2018, group); From November 2020 until January 2021 he was a resident in St.A.I.R., Graz, Austria and in summer 2021 in Tryfon Art Residency, Lesvos, Greece. His work was part on the 7th Athens Biennale Eclipse (2021).

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