Cynthia Connolly, Road Work Ahead, Hwy 1Big Sur, CA, 2-16-2018 (E-Z U-Frame-It series)

Cynthia Connolly

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Road Work Ahead, Hwy 1Big Sur, CA, 2-16-2018  (E-Z U-Frame-It series)

E-Z U-Frame-It
made especially for the Transformer FlatFile
The E-Z U-Frame-It is a simple original art kit in a hang bag. The owner can hang the bag as-is or take the 4”x 6” photograph out and easily place it in a ready-made frame. The letterpressed back boarding (or “Certificate of Authenticity”) can be placed on the back of the frame or in the frame. Connolly letterpressed and signed the Certificates.